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Special steel profile

Cold-drawn special profiles Hot rolled special profiles Hot extrusion special profile

We deliver hot rolled, cold drawn and cold rolled special profiles, which are used in various industries, such as auto-motive, machine tools and construction industry, linear guide rails, as well as agricultural and other applications.

All profiles can be produced from a wide range of steel grades with additional heat treatment, including carbon steel, free cutting steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, high temp alloys,titanium alloy, as well as brass and copper alloys,etc.if required. In case the steel grade is not determined by the customer, our engineers can always advise an appropriate material, depending on the application area and requirements on the mechanical properties of the product.

Some application areas set high requirements on straightness and twisting of the profiles. In such cases profiles can be additionally straightened on automatic presses to reach the desired parameters.

Buyer may send us your drawings or specific requriement, we can manufacture according to that, firstly,we produce samples and let buyer to inspect and test, if ok, then arrange volume production.

Hot rolled profiles
Surface: Ra< 40 µm, defects 0,3 mm max
Size tolerances: up to 0,5 mm
Straightness: Standard <= 1,0 mm/m; on request <= 0,3 mm/m
Twisting: Standard <= 1°/m; on request <= 0,5°/m
Cross section: from 10 mm2 up to 7000 mm2
Length: up to 12m or cut to fixed length
Cold drawn profiles
Surface roughness: Ra< 2,5 µm
Decarburization <0,1 mm
Straightness <0,1 mm/m
Twisting <0,25°/m
Size tolerances <0,05 mm
Cross section: from1 mm2 up to 3800 mm2
Length up to 6m or cut to fixed length

Automotive industry

For the automotive industry TIANHAO delivers a wide range of hot rolled and cold drawn profiles that are used for production of door hinges, valve cotters, pole shoes, truck wheels and other parts within automotive vehicles.Especially for the needs of customers from automotive industry our engineers have developed special steel grade,which combines high mechanical properties with outstanding machinability. Using profiles in this specially designed steel grade enables our customers to significantly increase lifetime of the tooling and reduce costs.

Anchorages for vehicle seats, Cardan / Cardan joint, Clutches – Automobile, door hinges,leaf spring profiles,flat profiles, T-profiles, trapezoidal profiles and many others,slewing circles,profiles for engine and gearbox,profiles for wheels,Compressor rotor, Diesel equipment, Hinges, Lock – Automobile locks, Pole pieces for starter motors and Truck wheel rims, Rings,etc.

Linear guides


The profiles are used to produce both the linear guides' rails and carriages, and are generally produced in carbon steels or induction hardening alloy steels and in case hardening steels.

Seals for pipe fittings


The profiles for the inserts in the seal rings are made in martensitic stainless steels. These profiles have a special feature: their square-edges.

Tooling for woodworking


Special profiles for tool holders and stop blocks for blades, using carbon steels and case hardening steels.

Tool industry


Special profiles are used for production of different hand tools, such as chisels, punches, hexagon and octagon keys,scrapers and files. Depending on requirements of the customer,profiles can be delivered in hot rolled or cold drawn condition. Cold drawn profiles are delivered with stress relieving heat treatment.
Tianhao can produce profiles for tools in a diameter range between 1mm and 50 mm. Small profiles up to 6 mm in diameter can be delivered in coils.Profiles for tools can be manufactured in different steel grades, including C45, 51CrV4, 59CrV4, 102Cr6 and stainless grades,etc.



Special profiles for shafts on submersible pumps, using both austenitic and martensitic stainless steel.  

Railway construction and transport applications


Special profiles in long bars up to 8 m for seat fastening systems, or profiles that are custom cut and used in braking systems. Generally made in carbon steels or with anti-magnetic properties.
Electricity power stations  

Special profiles used as hydro-electric energy stators, produced with steels and carbon steels, or stainless steels for specific applications in nuclear power stations.
Weapons industry

Special profiles for components in rifles and guns, such as for example, slides, breeches, levers, monoblocks, gas cylinder extractors. Steels with Cr-Mo or Cr-Mo-Ni are used, or other steels on the specific request of the customer.
Mechanical engineering

cold drawn special profiles, which are employed for production of various components used in machine tools. We manufacture, for instance, profiles for telescopic steel curtains and T-nut profiles for tables of CNC machines.For producers of sheet bending machines, we can manufacture hot rolled or cold drawn profiles for bending tools.
Agriculture machinery

Agricultural power transmissions.Special profiles for splined shafts in universal joints, using quenched steels and carbon steels.Tianhao produces a variety of hot rolled profiles, mainly beater bars and ploughshare profiles. All profiles can be delivered in fixed lengths with holes,
For producers of tools and components for the agricultural machinery industry, we also provide cold drawn flat profiles in custom sizes with tolerances h9.
Sliding systems.

Prismatic, trapezoidal or complex-geometry guides, in steel for bearings (ex. 100Cr6), case hardening (e.g. Cf53) and carbon steel.
Printing machinery

Special profiles used as tensioning guides, or for semi-finished products of more complex sections, using carbon steels.
Telescopic slideways

U-shaped profiles, profiles for cursors, with or without the housing for ball bearings, in carbon steels and CrMo alloys. Depending on their end use, these profiles are tempered and adjusted by the customer, or used in the condition they are supplied.
Various applications

★padlocks and locking systems  ★padlocks and locking systems.★ weaving machinery.★ knitting machinery. ★spinning machinery.★machine tools ★.electric power tools★.agricultural power transmissions.★architecture and design.★weaving machinery ★elevator industry ★mining industry★ building industry ★standard profiles★agriculture industry

★ Logistics and Warehousing,Conveyor Belt, Cranes, Electric manure grab (garage), Lifting trucks, Monorail Systems, Storage systems – Metallic shelves, Trolleys
Armament equipment, Carabines, Pistols…

Special profiles
Cold drwan steel profile
Hot extrusion steel profile
Stainless steel sheet/coil
stainless steel round bar
Hot dipped galvanized steel
Aluzinc steel/Gavalume steel
Cold rolled steel
Hot rolled steel
Steel pipe
Aluminum composite panel
Color coated alumnum sheet/coil
Titanium Bars
Titanium plate/sheets
Titanium tube/pipe
Titanium coils
Titanium Flanges
Titanium Forgings
Titanium profile
Prepainted galvanized steel coil
Prepainted galvalume steel coil
Tinplate sheet, SPTE, ETP sheet
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